•DESERTIC, being aware of the significance of the use of new Information Communication Technologies for the companies, autonomous workers and citizens, develops and promotes training programmes encouraging its use. The training programmes which are available, form a part of a project tending to take another step towards the ICT training – advanced, intermediate and basic or beginner level – always based on operating systems and languages considered as free software, mainly MOLINUX , and on free Internet access and office automation tools.

•The aim of DESERTIC is to carry out the technological projects of a great interest for all its parts and to be able to develop the investigation results in order to design pre-competitive processes and mechanisms, convertible into products to be introduced to the market. DESERTIC also aims to train specialized technicians.

•In DESERTIC we believe that the ICT sector is characterized by its aggressive approach, that it is in a process of constant evolution and that it should continue specializing. The companies should devote themselves more to service sharing policy and abandon as far as possible the most common idea of doing business. The customers of the companies of the ICT sector are not anymore interested only in being offered the IT equipment supplied with the latest technology, but they also demand support and maintenance services. ICT companies must consider the rest of the companies as collaborators, not as competitors. This Group of Companies is open to other members’ participation in agreement with their status.
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