••DESERTIC is an ICT Group in Castilla la Mancha collaborating with the ICT Federation (Fedeticam). One of the main objectives of this group is the Innovation with applications to the sector and the activities of the SMBs of Castilla la Mancha.

•DESERTIC’s offices are located in Albacete Science and Technological Park ( Moreover, Desertic has delegations in Toledo, like the major retailers in Guadalajara, where ICT projects are done and which specializes in technology solutions to develop the services in ubiquitous computing environment, mobility and Free Software.

•The DESERTIC Group aims to support the development of the cooperation among its members, bearing in mind all the limits of competence. Especially in what concerns the continuation, rationalization and coordination of all the activities and projects essential for the design, compilation, development, maintenance and promotion of the solutions based on both Information Knowledge and Communications Technologies.

•DESERTIC was created to promote the use of free software and the applications developed in MOLINUX operating system environments. One of the objectives of DESERTIC is to promote those activities that offer all the citizens of Castilla la Mancha the advantages provided by Information and Knowledge Society, developing and participating in the awareness projects in the ICT field.